About the graduation ceremony

Location and Time

Convocation cemeronies will take place at the Living Arts Centre, 4141 Living Arts Drive, Mississauga.


  1. Arrive at the ceremony 90 minutes prior to the event start. Please note: the processional will begin 15 minutes prior to the start of the event.

  2. Proceed to the Royal Bank Theatre and collect a robe, hood and Convocation program. On arrival, please check in with the Marshall Coordinator. Wait to be escorted through the back halls to Hammerson Hall where you will be presented with a brief 45 minutes prior to the event.

  3. At the designated time in the ceremony, the Marshall Coordinator will give you the signal to approach the podium. Please introduce yourself to the audience. Then, you will announce the name of the Program Coordinator and his/her program as he/she crosses the stage to take his/her position to the right of the dean. Then, you will announce the name of each of the graduates for that program as they cross the stage. The names of the grads will be read from the marshalling card that will be handed to you by the Marshall Coordinator. You will read the name (and Sheridan Honours, High Honours and Silver Medal winner where appropriate) by program. "Silver Medal", "Honours" and/or "High Honours" will be printed below the name.

  4. Once all of the graduates have been announced for that particular program, please congratulate the graduates.

  5. Then, you will then read the name of the Program Coordinator and program for the next program and continue with the names of the graduates from that program as outlined above.

  6. Once all of the graduates’ names have been read, please return to your seat for the remainder of the ceremony.

  7. Following the ceremony, please return the robe and hood (if applicable) to the Royal Bank Theatre.

  8. Sheridan hoods will be available in the Royal Bank Theatre. Faculty and/or staff who wish to purchase or rent academic hoods from their particular alma maters may do so by contacting:

    Harcourts Limited
    360 Adelaide St. W #300, Toronto, ON M5V 1R7
    (416) 977-4408