Convocation FAQs

Do graduates require a ticket? »

How do I get my tickets? »

Is it possible to request additional tickets? »

Why are students only allowed 2 guests? »

I am not able to attend Convocation and would like my diploma mailed to me. »

What can I purchase at Convocation? »

Can children attend the ceremony? Are there any age restrictions for children? »

How do I order my gown? How do I know what size to order? »

Can I keep my gown? »

What time do I have to be at the Living Arts Centre on the day of my Convocation? »

Is there a photographer on site on the day of Convocation? »

I have lost my tickets, what should I do? Can you re-issue them? »

What should I wear? »

Can I get a letter confirming my Convocation so my parents overseas can get a Visitor's VISA? »

What should I do if I've forgotten my username or password? »

My name and address have changed from what is currently on Sheridan's files. »

Are drinks allowed during the ceremony? »

Do you know of any hotels close by where guests can stay? »

How can I stay connected to Sheridan College after graduation? »