RSVP for your convocation ceremony and order your guest tickets and gown through the Convocation Ceremony RSVP form in myStudent Centre.

The Convocation Ceremony RSVP form is now open for registration.

You will only be able to access the RSVP form if you are eligible to graduate and have successfully applied to graduate.


Graduating students do not require a ticket.

When completing the RSVP form, you can request up to two guest tickets. Tickets are issued with no charge for your guests. Guest tickets will be distributed by the end of September.

Click here for more information regarding Convocation Tickets


Gown size is determined by your height in feet and inches, be sure to enter your height when completing the Convocation Ceremony RSVP online form. Your gown will be available for pick-up on the day of your ceremony at the Living Arts Centre.

Robes and/or hoods must be returned at the end of the Ceremony. Items removed from the Living Arts Centre will be charged to the graduate.

Name and contact information

Your name will appear on your diploma as FIRST MIDDLE LAST.  If this is not correct and you require a change please visit the Office of the Registrar, before September 1 and present official documentation supporting your name change.  Also, make sure your email address and telephone number are up to date in case Sheridan needs to contact you.