Grade Schemes

Grade Explanation Grade Point
A+ 90-100% 4.0
A 80-89% 4.0
B+ 75-79% 3.5
B 70-74% 3.0
C+ 65-69% 2.5
C 60-64% 2.0
D 50-59% 1.0
F below 50%, unsatisfactory, credit not earned 0.0
AS Advanced standing N/A
AU Audit N/A
CE Credit earned through continuing education N/A
CR Credit earned at Sheridan College N/A
EX Exempt from written exam N/A
I Incomplete grade, coures requirements not complete.
Incomplete 'I' grades are converted to 'F' at the end of the following term.
IP Course in progress N/A
NA No midterm assessment N/A
NG No grade N/A
S Satisfactory, credit earned N/A
TM Enrollment terminated (on the grounds of academic dishonesty) N/A
U Below 50%, unsatisfactory, credit not earned 0.0
US Below 50%, supplmental privileges granted N/A
W Official withdrawal N/A