Grade Numeric Equivalent Description Grade Point Equivalent
Final Grades
A+ 90-100 4.0
A 80-89 4.0
B+ 75-79 3.5
B 70-74 3.0
C+ 65-69 2.5
C 60-64 2.0
D 50-59 1.0
F Below 50, unsatisfactory, credit not earned 0.0
S Satisfactory, credit earned N/A
U Unsatisfactory, credit not earned N/A
Temporary Grades
IP Course in progress N/A
I Incomplete; course requirements not complete. N/A
SU Eligible for supplemental assessment N/A
Other Designations
AG Aegrotat Standing; credit granted N/A
AS Credit granted for advanced standing N/A
BT Block Transfer N/A
NE Registered but did not attend or submit work for evaluation and did not officially withdraw; credit not earned 0.0
E/I Repeat designation; "I" included in the GPA, "E" excluded from the GPA N/A
NG No grade assigned N/A
TM Enrolment terminated on grounds of academic dishonesty 0.0
W Withdrew from subject officially; no academic penalty N/A

Note: Students enrolled in an Apprenticeship program will be graded according to the system established by the Apprenticeship Board. Students will be provided with an evaluation plan at the start of their program.

Students who have outstanding work at the end of an academic term may be awarded the designation “I” (Incomplete). Students will be advised of the work that must be completed and the date by which it must be submitted to satisfy the subject requirements. The notation "I" will be changed to "F" if the assigned work is not completed by the designated date.

If a student does not officially withdraw from a course but is unable to complete the work or write the final examination, for compelling reasons, he/she may be awarded Aegrotat Standing (AG). The student will have displayed satisfactory knowledge in the course work based on evaluation of achievement in the term. Aegrotat Standing may be awarded by the Dean of the School based upon the written recommendation of the Program Coordinator. AG is only awarded when an Incomplete (I) designation cannot be given.

Supplemental privilege (SU) may be granted by the Promotion Committee to a student who has not met the minimum pass requirements in a subject. Supplemental privilege is attached to the preliminary assessment (D or F) and entitles the student to write an examination or complete other prescribed work. No grade higher than the minimum pass for graduation purposes may be earned through a supplemental assessment process. A fee may be charged to cover the costs of administering the assessment.

Historical Grade Schemes

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