Program Changes

Students may add, drop or withdraw from courses they are registered in by the deadlines indicated in the Academic Calendar. Failure to comply with published deadlines may result in a grade of “F or NE”. These values are included in the GPA calculation with a value of zero.

Additional Courses

All full-time, postsecondary students may take courses in the day or evening in addition to their regular curriculum at Sheridan providing they meet course prerequisites and satisfy any co-requisites concurrently.

  • Students may take additional courses beyond their full course load, providing there is space available. Additional fees will apply.

  • Under exceptional circumstances, students may be approved by their Associate Dean to substitute a course within the same term with a course of equal credit value, providing there is a space available and they do not exceed their full course load. The tuition fee will be waived. All other course fees will apply. Students must obtain approval for proposed course replacements or substitutions from the Associate Dean responsible for their program of study. In the case of General Education courses being replaced or substituted, approval by the Cross-College General Education Coordinator is required. Some Continuing Education courses may be exempt from this policy.

  • Students may replace courses for which they have been granted Advanced Standing or Prior Learning Assessment with courses of equal credit value provided space is available. These substitutions must be made within the same term; credit values/courses cannot be transferred to subsequent terms. It is the student’s responsibility to request substitutions for courses where Advanced Standing or Prior Learning Assessment have been granted. Additional fees may apply.
  • Name/Address Changes

    Students who change either their name or their mailing address must report that change to the Office of the Registrar. Students are encouraged to update address information directly on their online record via myStudent Centre. Name changes must be submitted in writing with the appropriate supporting documentation.

    Academic Policies and Procedures

    Academic policies and procedures – such as promotion and graduation requirements – can be found on Sheridan's Policies and Procedures website (click "Visit our Public Site"). Mac users please note: you must use Firefox, Opera or Netscape to access the documents on the Policies and Procedures website.