If you have an Assigned Timetable and you have dropped your elective and/or placeholder, don't worry. Follow the steps below to add a new elective using the Enrollment Shopping Cart.

If your Program is exempt from Add, you will need to visit the Office of the Registrar in person to re-add your elective.

Step 1: Open the Enrollment Shopping Cart

Click the "Enrollment Shopping Cart" link

Shopping Cart step 1

Step 2: Load your elective to the Shopping Cart

Click “Search” to generate a list of courses available to you. Select an Elective for the appropriate semester.

The Course Detail page will provide you with further information regarding the course and a list of available classes. You can filter this list by a range of criteria to find the class that suits you best. You can select classes at any time - day or evening. To load a class to your Shopping Cart, click the “Select” button beside your preferred class.

Validate Courses

Step 3: Validate your elective

Validating your elective will check:
  1. Whether you have successfully completed the prerequisites required to take the course
  2. Whether there are any time conflicts with other selected courses.
To validate your elective, select it in your Shopping Cart and click the “Validate button.”

Validate Courses
It is recommended that you delete any courses that were not successfully validated before you preload new courses to your Shopping Cart to avoid confusion. Click on the "Search" button to add new courses to validate.

Step 4: Enrol in your elective

Once successfully validated, you can enrol in your elective. Select the elective you wish to enrol in by clicking the checkbox and click the "Enroll" button

Enrol in Courses