Welcome to the Fall 2018 Term at Sheridan

The start of a new term is exciting, but it can also be hectic. Peruse the links and resources found under each of the categories below to help make your term start-up a smooth one. Be sure to see if there is information for students in your program under the Program Specific Info tab.

  • Term Start-up Checklist
  • Program Specific Info
  • Fall Term Timelines
  • Finding Your Classes

Fall 2018 Term Start-up Checklist

Administrative To Do's

Academic To Do's

Once School Starts

  • Make changes to your timetable (if necessary)
  • Purchase your textbooks
  • Apply for Sheridan’s Tuition Set-Aside Bursary (if necessary)
  • Log into SLATE to view course information and materials
  • Learn more about the campus services that are available to support your academic and personal success
  • Review your Health and Dental Plan

Program Specific Start-up Info

Some coordinators provide additional information that is specific to students in their programs. Be sure to review the list of communications below to see if there is additional information for students in your program. This list will be updated up until the term start date on Tuesday, September 4 so be sure to check back periodically for any additions.

Program Code Student Group
Educational Support PCESD First year, first semester
Educational Support: Fast Track Intensive PEDSI First year, first semester
Practical Nursing PPNSG First year, first semester


Fall 2018 Term Timelines

About Enrolment Appointments

Enrolment Appointments

Your enrolment appointment refers to the date from which you can build or edit your timetable (subject to program restrictions). Your enrolment appointment is assigned to you by the OTR and can be viewed in myStudent Centre.

The different opening days will not impact the choice of courses and time slots available to students. However, it will speed up the process, reduce the number of technical issues and free up more resources to assist students when required.

August 10 Enrolment appointments published in myStudent Centre
August 13

Shopping cart and validation appointments open (students can add classes to shopping cart and validate courses)

Enrolment opens for Accessible Learning Students

August 13 Timetable preview available
August 15 Custom Timetable enrolment appointments for:
  • Pilon School of Business - All students
  • Early Childhood Education - All students
  • Educational Support - All students

Assigned Timetable add, swap & drop opens for students at the Hazel McCallion Campus

August 16 Assigned Timetable add, swap and drop opens for students at the Davis Campus
August 17

Assigned Timetable add, swap and drop opens for students at the Trafalgar Road Campus

Open enrolment opens. ALL students who have PAID fees by the deadline have access to self-service enrolment for the spring term.  Late payments will result in a delay in accessing self-service.

August 17 @ 11:59 p.m. Deadline for Early Childhood Education and Educational Support Field Placement Registration
August 19 @ 11:59 p.m. Deadline for submission of Early Childhood Education and Educational Support Field Placement sheets
August 20 @ 9 a.m. In-person Part-time and Additional Course enrolment begins

Cross campus enrolment opens

September 4 Fall term begins
September 10 Last Day to Add and Swap a course, be admitted to a program
September 17 Last day to drop a course/withdraw from a program and be eligible for a partial refund
December 14

End of Fall Term 2018

Finding Your Classes

As it is possible to add courses delivered on campuses other than your home campus, it is important that your are familiar with the location of all your classes. The example below will help you to understand your timetable.

Understand your timetable