Fee Name


College-Wide Technology Fee (per term)

The IT fee securely delivers software, communications, hardware and technical service expertise to students and classrooms.

Athletic Activities (per term)

Your Athletic Activities fee supports recreational and intercampus sports leagues, fitness classes, a well-equipped weight/cardio room and drop-in use of the campus gymnasium.  The fee also supports your Sheridan Bruins Varsity teams, including open access to try-outs and fan attendance.

Health Centre fee (per term)

The Sheridan Student Health Centre (clinic at each campus) gives students access to medical care through, nurses and Physicians, Monday to Thursday 8:30am – 8pm and Friday 8:30-5.    Registered Nurses provide non-urgent and urgent health care, health & wellness teaching, dispense minor medications and make referrals to community agencies on a walk in basis and under medical directives. A psychiatrist and chiropractor are also available in clinic.

Career Centre Fee

Our Career Centre supports students exploring and clarifying their career and educational goals, developing essential skills, provides opportunities to gain experience through our Co-Curricular Record, prepares students to transition to the world of work (job search, resume and interview critique), hosts a job board, mentoring and events to connect you to future employers. Our 1:1 appoints, events, workshops and programs support student career success

Peer Mentoring Fee

Our Peer Mentor program supports a team of highly trained peers across all three campuses to support students academically, socially and personally. Peer Mentors support student well-being, orient and connect students to essential on-campus services to ensure you are successful both inside and outside of the classroom, enriching the student experience.

Tutoring Fee

Courses will challenge you. Get help with Math, Accounting, Finance, Writing, Citation and Referencing, Computer Programming, Chemistry, Architecture, Interior Design and Decorating, English Conversation Skills and Presentation Skills from Learning Assistants in the Tutoring Centres.  Some first-year courses are also supported by Peer-Assisted Learning Leaders (PALs), and peer tutors are available for a nominal fee. Visit tutoring.sheridancollege.ca for more information.

One Card Fee

Your onecard is your official photo identification card for Sheridan and provides access to spaces on campus such as classrooms, libraries and recreation facilities. Funds loaded to your onecard can be used for a variety of services from printing to bookstore purchases, as well as toward food purchases at participating on and off campus locations. For more information on onecard usage and acceptance, visit onecard.sheridancollege.ca

Alumni Fee (one-time fee)

Pay once, and reap the benefits throughout your career. This one-time fee provides you with resources including access to the Sheridan Career Centre long after you graduate, as well as a variety of events and activities to help you build your professional network. Graduates receive exclusive Sheridan news and events invitations, and can access discounts on a range of products and services.

Transcript Fee (first year students only)

Charged in the first semester of your program, the transcript fee enables you to receive an official transcript outlining your academic record at Sheridan as well as your credential upon completion of your program. This is a one-time fee per program.

Graduation Fee (first year students only)

Charged in the first semester of your program, the graduation fee supports the expenses associated with convocation, including but not limited to the graduate application process and all details associated with the ceremony (i.e. academic regalia rental, venue, convocation program, etc.). This is a one-time fee per program.

Health and Dental Plan - Domestic

This mandatory fee enrols full-time domestic students in Sheridan Student Union’s Health and Dental Plan, providing a wide variety of health and dental coverage, as well as travel insurance to cover unexpected emergency medical expenses. Students with acceptable proof of alternative coverage may opt out of this program during defined opt-out periods.

If you are already covered by an extended health and dental plan, you can opt out of the Sheridan SU Health and Dental plan by providing proof of other equivalent health and dental coverage. Opt outs can ONLY be processed within the Change-of-Coverage period.

Visit www.studentcare.ca or call 1-866-358-4430 for details. The SU Health and Dental Plan is for domestic students only. 

Health and Dental Plan – International

International students are automatically enrolled in the mandatory health coverage with Guard.Me.

Go to www.guard.me/sheridancollege for details. Your health insurance coverage will commence on the first day of your scheduled program date, provided your fees have been paid. If you arrive in Canada earlier than your scheduled start date or extend your visit beyond your date of completion, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have adequate medical coverage. International students who drop to part-time status will still be charged the full health insurance fee. Please monitor your Sheridan email for any updates regarding your health insurance coverage.

SSU Student Experience Fee

This fee supports our governance and student centre operational costs including legal support for students, club support, virtual and live programming and costs related to SSU food and beverage and office operations at all three campuses.

SSU Building Fee

This fee supports the construction, maintenance and updating of student centres at all three campuses.

SSU Capital Fee

This fee supports the furnishing of student centre spaces, and provides equipment and capital needs related to student centres at all three campuses.