Follow these simple 4 steps:


1. Submit your General Awards Application

Your first step is to complete your General Awards Application in myStudent Centre.

* We recommend that you use Chrome or Internet Explorer to access the application.

For additional guidance on the application process, please click here.

2. Identify awards, scholarships and bursaries that you are eligible for

Your completed application will automatically identify any bursaries and scholarship opportunities that you're eligible for. A list of scholarship and bursary opportunities is located under the “Opportunities” link.

Sheridan bursaries and scholarships are usually posted at the beginning of each term and, once you have submitted your General Awards Application, you will be notified of any new awards.  External awards are updated as they are received so it’s important that you frequently review the opportunities.

You may apply to any bursary for which you meet the eligibility criteria. 

3. Reference letters and supporting documentation

Applications often ask for letters of reference from faculty, community members and/or individuals who are familiar with your accomplishments.  Applicants should carefully review the application to ensure that correct information and supporting documentation is provided.

4. Receive your award

Your application will be processed in roughly four to six weeks following the application deadline (though the length of time may vary depending on the volume of applications received).

Each bursary / scholarship has a set amount of money available to be awarded. All eligible applicants are screened against the criteria and the most qualified applicant is selected. An email will be sent to your Sheridan email account to inform you whether or not your application has been successful.


If successful, a bursary cheque will be sent to you at the home address you have provided to Sheridan. Please ensure that all your contact information is up to date in myStudent Centre. Unlike OSAP, you will not have to pay back any bursary or scholarship.



Other important details:

OSAP and financial aid

OSAP may be affected if you receive significant financial assistance. When a scholarship or bursary is received, students should update their OSAP information. Sheridan reports most awards directly to OSAP. We will contact you via email if you receive an award from our office that requires you to take action to update the information on your OSAP application.

Financial aid and tax

Awards are considered part of a student’s taxable income for the year. Sheridan will issue T4A forms to all recipients in the spring of the year following the year in which the award was paid.