Fall 2021 Payment Plan

In an effort to provide you with additional financial relief, the enrolment deposit for the Fall 2021 semester has been reduced from $500 to $250 for full-time students, and from $340 to $170 for part-time students. Please note that this reduction is only applicable to new domestic students and returning domestic and international students. The deadline to opt into the Fall Payment Plan is September 20, 2021.

* Please note: students who have an outstanding balance of $1000 or more will not be eligible for the Fall 2021 Payment Plan.

For students who enrol in the regular session, the Payment Plan schedule is as follows:

  • 50% of fees will be due by September 21, 2021
  • 25% of fees will be due by October 1, 2021
  • The outstanding balance will be due by October 13, 2021

For students who take courses only in the 7A compressed session (September 7 - October 22), the Payment Plan is as follows:

  • 50% of fees will be due by September 21, 2021
  • The outstanding balance will be due by October 1, 2021

Students receiving OSAP

If you're enrolled in the Fall term and are receiving OSAP, Sheridan will receive your fee payment directly from OSAP by October 13, 2021. Students are encouraged to check their Account Summary once their OSAP funding has been released, to ensure that their fees have been paid. Any outstanding Fall fees must be paid by October 13, 2021. 

OSAP students not enrolled in the payment plan will have to pay full fees by October 13, 2021.

Opt-in to the Payment Plan

You can opt in to the Payment Plan, through the link in the Finances section of myStudent Centre as of August 1, 2021. The last day to opt-in to the Payment Plan will is September 20, 2021.

Access your Payment Plan options in myStudent Centre

To access your Payment Plan options:

  1. Log into myStudent Centre
  2. Under the "Finances" section, click the "Payment Plan Options" link

Select the Payment Plan Options link

You will receive notification if you are not eligible for the Payment Plan.

Opt-In to the Payment Plan Option

Please read the form carefully.  If you do decide to opt into the Payment Plan for Fall 2021, you will not be able to change your decision online.

If you do not wish to opt into the Payment Plan, then click CANCEL and the system will return you to your myStudent Centre.

If you do want to opt into the Payment Plan, please complete the following steps.

  • Check the box “I will pay my fees using the Payment Plan”, and
  • Click either CONFIRM

Opt in and click CONFIRM.

Accept Opt-In confirmation

The system will provide a confirmation message, “Your Payment Plan option has been recorded”. Click OK.

Confirm opt in

View your Opt-In Confirmation

The Payment Plan Option will now become view-only. Click CANCEL to Return to the myStudent Centre home page.

View only opt in page

View Your Payment Plan Schedule and Amounts

If you are eligible for the Payment Plan option, you can view your payment schedule and amounts through your Account Summary page in myStudent Centre.  Please note, as you add/swap and drop courses, the payment amounts will change, so check back once you have finished selecting your courses to view the updated amounts.

Go to your Account Summary

In myStudent Centre, go to the Finance section. Select “View My Account Summary” from the drop down menu and click the ">>" button.

Go to your Account Summary

Select the Fall 2021 Term

Once you open your Account Summary, you'll see a list of terms. Select the Fall 2021 term.

Select the Fall  2021 Term

Open your Account Detail view

Once you open your Fall 2021 Account Summary, click the View Account Detail link

Select the Fall  2021 Term

Scroll down to your Payment Plan schedule and amounts

Scroll to the bottom of the Account Detail page to view the Payment Plan options. The Payment Plan section provides information on the payment due dates and amounts based the total charges applied to your account for the Fall 2021 term.

Scroll down to your Payment Plan schedule and amounts

As you add, swap and drop courses during the registration period your total charges for the term will change accordingly. The Payment Plan amounts shown below will automatically adjust based on your account’s total charges.

If you are taking courses during the regular 13 week full term, then you will be expected to make payments as per the full term Payment Plan, in order to keep your account in good standing.

If you are only taking courses during the 6A compressed session, then you will be expected to make payments as per the 6A compressed session Payment Plan, in order to keep your account in good standing.

Payment Plan Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is eligible?

New and returning domestic students, along with returning international students, who are full-time or part-time in a post-secondary program for the Fall 2021 term, are eligible to take advantage of the Payment Plan option.

How will I know when I need to pay the installments?

You will be emailed one week before each installment payment is due. Please ensure your email address is up to date in myStudent Centre.

I already paid in full for Fall, can I still take advantage of the Payment Plan option?

Unfortunately not, since your payment for the term has already been made.

What if I can’t select the Payment Plan option?

This may be because you are in a program that is not eligible, or you may be a New International student and need to pay your full fees in order to obtain your Study Permit. Email infosheridan@sheridancollege.ca for additional information.

What if I miss an installment?

Unfortunately, the Payment Plan comes with terms and conditions. Failure to pay will result in not being able to receive your grades/transcripts/credentials/letters for graduation and not allowing you to enrol in subsequent terms.

Can I change my mind once I select the Payment Plan option and then decide I don’t want to take advantage of it?

Once you select and confirm the Payment Plan option in myStudent Centre, you cannot de-select the option. You can contact infosheridan@sheridancollege.ca for further assistance.