While it is common for Sheridan to require a student’s formal legal name to be used on its official Registered Student Record, Sheridan will consider a request from a student to change the name and/or gender recorded on their official Registered Student Record.


Your Registered Student Record

When you applied for admission, the name and gender recorded for you in Sheridan’s official Registered Student Record is as you provided on the application for admission.  Even after the requested change(s) is/are made, the official Registered Student Record will disclose all names and information recorded and approved while applying to or studying at Sheridan. 

However, it is anticipated that, only the most recent name accepted by Sheridan will be disclosed on transcripts and diplomas.  Gender is collected and recorded for statistical purposes and for government legislated reporting.


Implications of informal Name/ Gender Change

If you have not formally changed your legal name and/or gender, future employers, licensing bodies, external institutions (including but not limited to OSAP, Banks, RESP providers, police records check (required for some courses and/or placements), Revenue Canada, and health insurance providers) or other educational institutions may require proof that the transcripts and diplomas from Sheridan are authentic and your own. The use of a name other than your legal name may frustrate our ability to identify you after you graduate and may otherwise frustrate your ability to rely on your Sheridan transcripts and credentials.

By making the requested change at Sheridan to your name and/or gender on your Registered Student Record you should understand that this change is for Sheridan records only and it does not make any legal changes.  Your preferred change(s) will be used by Sheridan in future correspondence to you or about you with external parties, with the exception of government-legislated reporting which will be based upon your legal name.


Sheridan Username and Email Address

We are investigating the potential of changing both your email address and your user name and will follow up with you when we have further detail available to share.


Name/Gender Request

Please complete and sign the Biographic Change Request Form (Non Legal) to acknowledge that you have read and understood the Access and Release of Student Information Policy and would like to proceed with the changes.


Please return the document to registration@sheridancollege.ca. This is required for Sheridan to ensure that you understand the implications of the requested change(s).


Download Biographic Change Request Form (Non Legal)

View Access and Release of Student Information Policy

View Sheridan's Biographic Change Request Procedure