Sheridan Student Strike Relief Fund

Sheridan Student Strike Relief Fund

Strike Relief Fund Appeals
If the student’s claim is denied, or if the amount of relief the student receives is less than $500 and the student disagrees with the amount of relief they were given, the student may appeal the college’s decision once. The student must appeal within fourteen (14) calendar days after Sheridan’s decision is issued.

[Nov. 27, 2017] The Student Strike Relief Fund provides assistance for students who have experienced financial hardship as a result of the strike. The Fund is consistent with the framework developed by the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development in consultation with student leaders and colleges.

Students who submit a request to withdraw from their program by December 5, 2017 can apply for a full refund of their tuition. They will not be eligible for any additional support through the Student Strike Relief Fund. Please contact Student Advisement for further information about withdrawing.


Full-time domestic and international students (including those registered in joint programs with Brock, UTM and York University) who remain enrolled in their program and who have unexpected incremental (additional) costs because of the strike are eligible to apply to the Student Strike Relief Fund. Apprentices enrolled in Fall 2017 and Winter 2018 who are completing their in-school training are also eligible to apply.

Students will be eligible to receive up to $500 for unexpected incremental costs. Incremental costs are additional expenses that have only occurred as a result of the strike. Examples include:

  • Incremental travel costs (costs of rescheduling plane, train or bus tickets)
  • Incremental living expenses (including food and housing)
  • Incremental childcare expenses
  • Other incremental essential expenses occurring as a result of the strike

How to Apply for the Relief Fund

Applications for reimbursement must be submitted to the College no later than the end of the winter semester which is April 27, 2018. The review of applications will begin after December 5, 2017.

You may only apply once. You might not know all of the additional costs you will experience until the winter term is underway. You can wait until later in the school year to apply in order that all of your unexpected costs are known and you can then submit them together. Supporting documents, including receipts, must be uploaded to the online application form.  Sheridan will only consider documents attached to this form in its assessment of your claim.  Documents submitted after the fact will not be considered.

Sheridan students must follow the steps below to apply for assistance through the Student Strike Relief Fund.  Students who require assistance in completing the application may visit the Financial Aid and Awards Office for support. To request a copy of the application form in an accessible format please email

Important: to complete the Relief Fund application Windows users should use Internet Explorer and Mac users should use Google Chrome. Also, be sure to disable any popup blockers before accessing the site below.

  1. Login to

  2. Under the Finances heading select the dropdown menu titled “Other financials” and choose "Online Awards Application*". Click Apply.
    * Note: you may be prompted to provide your consent to allow AcademicWorks to handle the electronic distribution of your scholarship or bursary information – in this case they'll be handling your refund details. If you've provide consent to AcademicWorks previously you won't encounter the prompt). 

  3. Complete the General Application. If you have done this previously, continue to step #4.

  4. Under the “Opportunities” heading select the link titled 'Ours' and select the “Strike Relief Fund”.

  5. You will be required to provide a written statement through the application process indicating how this new cost is directly related to the strike and whether OSAP is covering these expenses.

  6. You will be required to provide evidence demonstrating costs that have or will be incurred. This evidence can include, but is not limited to;
    1. Travel costs – Students are first encouraged to speak with their academic faculty office prior to applying for funds for reimbursement. To be reimbursed for cancellation and rebooking of travel, proof of payment for travel plans booked prior to Oct. 30 and copy of travel insurance documentation will need to be provided. Students who were expected to complete their studies in December who had to book travel to return to complete their studies in January are required to provide booking details and receipts.

    2. Living Expenses – Students who were expected to complete their studies in December may provide proof of additional rent required as a result of semester extension.  Such evidence would include proof of both December and January rent payment, letter from landlord, copy of rental agreement, copy of post-dated cheques.

    3. Childcare – Receipts of childcare expenses per day as a result of semester extension in January.

    4. Local Transportation- Costs to purchase a transit pass for an additional month ex: Proof of total weekly costs during your study period, explanation for use of transportation, a calculation of the distance/time of your travel route.

    5. Other – other incremental costs may be considered with appropriate documentation

Supporting documents including receipts must be uploaded with the online application form. Sheridan will only consider documents attached to this form in its assessment of your claim.  Documents submitted after the fact will not be considered.

Processing and Payment

Standard application processing time is 4-6 weeks however, Sheridan is committed to processing applications as quickly as possible.

The Fund will be issued by cheque directly to the student to the address on Sheridan’s Student Information System.  Students are advised to check myStudentCentre to ensure this information is current and accurate.