Students are encouraged to periodically check that their contact details and personal information are up-to-date in myStudent Centre.

It is essential that Sheridan can access your correct information in order to provide you with the best possible service.

To view or update your contact information:

  1. Login to myStudent Centre
  2. Under the "Personal Information" tab click the drop-down menu to access your address, email and phone information

Update your address

Select "Addresses" from the drop-down menu. and click on  “Add a new addresses”
Click on “Edit Address”
Enter your new address and click “OK”
Once you receive confirmation that your new address has been saved, click "OK"

Update your email address

Select "Email Addresses" option from the drop-down menu.

Students can alter a pre-existing email address with the exception of their Sheridan email address.

Your Sheridan email will also be designated as your preferred email address.

Click the Add an Email Address button to add a new email address.

Update your phone number

Select " Phone Numbers" from the drop-down menu.

Update phone number and click “OK” to save the changes

You may also add additional phone numbers or select a different primary contact number