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Academic Fees - Sheridan at CCTT Fort Erie Campus

How to Pay Your Fees

Refer to your Fee Estimate for the description of fees and payment deadlines.

Your Account Summary will reflect total charges owing once your course enrollment has been posted.

Please allow 3-5 business days for your payment to reach Sheridan, deadlines apply.

CIBC Student Pay:

Supports international payments at a preferred currency rate. Payments can be made via direct debit, bank wire transfer, Mastercard and Visa. To make a payment through CIBC’s Student Pay, visit pay.cibc.com/cctt.

Access Your Payment Receipt in myStudent Centre:

  • Log in to myStudent Centre using your Sheridan username and password
  • Under the Finances section, open the drop-down menu and select View my Receipts and click (≫)

Account Summary

Your account summary itemizes the charges, payments and refunds that have been posted to your account. Charges are reflected after your schedule has been released and you are registered in courses. Students are responsible for regularly reviewing their online Student Account Summary and to understand and ensure payment of all amounts owed to Sheridan for each term related to their courses, programs, and studies by the due dates indicated on the student’s fee estimate. This applies to deposits and installments where applicable. Students with outstanding charges or other indebtedness will not be eligible to return to Sheridan at CCTT until all amounts owed have been paid.

To view your Account Summary:

  • Log into myStudent Centre
  • Under the Finances section, open the drop down menu and select "View Account Summary". Click (>>)
  • Select the appropriate term
  • You can see a detailed breakdown of your account activity by clicking on the "View Account Detail" link

How to view your Account Summary:

Fee Estimates

Full-time fee estimates are available online for students attending an upcoming semester(s) and provide estimated full-time fees for the term(s).

Your fee estimate does not reflect actual charges placed on your account. Check your Account Summary online to review charges after you have enrolled in classes.

You may not receive a fee estimate if you are on a work term, a part-time or an out-of-sync student according to your program of study. Check your Account Summary on myStudent Centre to review actual charges based on registration or other activity.

Accessing Your Fee Estimate:

Log into myStudent Centre with your Sheridan credentials to view your fee estimate.

Health Insurance

International Student Health Insurance Coverage:

  • International students are automatically enrolled in the mandatory health coverage with Guard.Me.
  • Go to www.guard.me/sheridancollege for details. Your health insurance coverage will commence on the first day of your scheduled program date, provided your fees have been paid. If you arrive in Canada earlier than your scheduled start date or extend your visit beyond your date of completion, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have adequate medical coverage. International students who drop to part-time status will still be charged the full health insurance fee. Please monitor your Sheridan email for any updates regarding your health insurance coverage.

Academic Fees Information

  • For both domestic and international students, please visit the Academic Fees page to see all fees related to your program

T2202 Tax Receipt

A T2202 is a tax form that allows students registered in qualifying educational programs to claim eligible tuition amounts paid when completing their personal taxes. 

T2202s are published each year, at end of February, in myStudent Centre. To learn more about T2202 forms, please refer to the SIN and T2202 FAQs page.

Access your T2202
To view your T2202, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to myStudent Centre
  2. In the Finances section, select View my T2202 from the drop-down menu and click on the » button
  3. At Available PDFs, click on the down arrow and select the appropriate year
  4. Click on the yellow button, View T2202

The T2202 will not be mailed. To read and print your T2202, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. This browser plug-in can be downloaded from www.adobe.com. Click on “Get Adobe Reader” and follow the instructions for downloading.

Please note: You do NOT need to submit a printed copy of the T2202 form with your tax return, even if you decide to transfer the amount to a parent, grandparent or spouse/common-law partner. You only need a printed copy of your T2202 if one is requested by the Canada Revenue Agency as part of a formal audit.

  • For both domestic and international students, please visit the Academic Fees page to see all fees related to your program

Lost/forgotten Sheridan username and passwords
You will need to enter your Sheridan username and password to access myStudent Centre. If you have lost or forgotten your password, see How to Change/Reset Your Network Password for details.

Questions About Fees?

Send an email to info@sheridanatcctt.ca or call 289-206-1199.

Students starting studies at Sheridan at CCTT in Winter 2024 will be automatically registered in courses for your program. Registration begins the week of January 2, 2024.

Winter 2024 term classes start on January 8, 2024. You can arrive in Canada, receive a schedule, and begin your studies up to the tenth day of classes (January 19, 2024). All Academic Calendar dates are available on the Sheridan at CCTT website.

Your assigned schedule will be available in your myStudent Centre student portal. Please monitor your portal regularly.

Access Your Schedule

  1. Log into myStudent Centre with your username and password.
  2. Click on the Enroll link (under Academics).
  3. Click on Weekly Calendar View – your schedule is date sensitive (e.g. fill in 'Show Week of' as '11/09/2023').

You can only view your schedule provided you have paid your fees (please refer to the Fees & Finances section).

Students in the following programs are restricted from timetable changes (add, swap and drop) courses

  • PXAHS - Office Admin - Health Services
  • PXAPM - Business Analys & Process Mgmt
  • PXFAE - Office Admin - Executive
  • PXKMC - Marketing Management Coop
  • PXKMT - Marketing Management
  • PXLFT - Welding and Fabrication Techni
  • PXLTN - Chemical Laboratory Technician – with the exception of General Education elective course swap
  • PXNBM - International Business Mgmt
  • PXPEN - Computer Engineering Technician
  • PXRJM - Project Management
  • PXRMC - Human Resource Management
  • PXTTM - Mechan. Technician Tool Making
  • PXUMN - Plumbing Technician

Admissions Update:

Applicants should monitor the Sheridan Application Portal often for updates to the status of their application.

To reach the admissions team, please email ccttadmissions@sheridancollege.ca.

The Admission page provides you with information and resources to help guide you through Sheridan's admissions process.

Sheridan Application Portal

The Sheridan Application Portal is a personalized portal which allows you to manage your application, links you to the information required to manage your campus life and gives you the ability to do the following online*:

  • Monitor your application status
  • Access your Admission Requirements
  • View and update personal information
  • View your Offers

*Not all services are available to all students

Your Sheridan Email Account*

As a Sheridan at CCTT applicant you have access to your own Sheridan email account. Most of the email correspondences from the Office of the Registrar will be sent to your Sheridan email account, so monitor your account regularly.

Log in to Service Sheridan using your Sheridan username and password for more information and IT support.

*We strongly recommend that you change your password regularly. See How to Change/Reset Your Network Password for details.

myStudent Centre

As a Sheridan at CCTT student, you will have your own student portal where you will find important information related to you, including:

  • Course schedule
  • Fee information and account summary
  • Academic requirements
  • Academic standing
  • Course and credit history
  • Grades