Many of Sheridan programs require completion of an Essential Communication Skills course (COMM 19999) - which will help you develop the communication skills necessary for today's workplace

Communications Foundations and Essential Communication Skills

Based on your Grade 12 or postsecondary English score or the English Language Proficiency score in your application, you will be placed into Communication Foundations (COMM 19997) or Essential Communication Skills course (COMM 19999) in your first semester.

Students placed in Communication Foundations (COMM 19997) will be required to complete the Essential Communication Skills (COMM 19999) course in a future semester. This is an additional course and will have an associated cost.

You will need to complete Essential Communication Skills (COMM 19999) in order to graduate.

You will be notified by email regarding your communication course placement.

Programs requiring COMM 19999 (Spring/Summer 2020):

Program Code Program Name Campus
PECED   Early Childhood Education PT   Davis & Trafalgar
PCESD Educational Support Diploma PT   Trafalgar
PPHTO Pharmacy Technician Davis
PPNSG  Practical Nursing Davis

Challenge your Placement

If you wish to challenge your placement, you will need to complete a Language Assessment at your earliest convenience with a deadline date of May 21, 2020. Please fill out the Communication Placement Challenge Form and send it to

Please contact the Assessment Centre to make arrangements to complete your Language Assessment.