Many of Sheridan programs require completion of an Essential Communication Skills course (COMM 19999) - which will help you develop the communication skills necessary for today's workplace

Communications Foundations and Essential Communication Skills

Based on your Grade 12 or postsecondary English score or the English Language Proficiency score in your application, you will be placed into Communication Foundations (COMM 19997) or Essential Communication Skills course (COMM 19999) in your first semester.

Students placed in Communication Foundations (COMM 19997) will be required to complete the Essential Communication Skills (COMM 19999) course in a future semester. This is an additional course and will have an associated cost.

You may challenge your placement to COMM 19997 by writing a challenge exam provided there is adequate time to write and assess the exam prior to the start of the term. Please contact to see if you qualify.

You will need to complete Essential Communication Skills (COMM 19999) in order to graduate.

You will be notified by email regarding your communication course placement.

Programs requiring communication placement

Program Code Program Name Campus
PADMKAdvertising and Marketing CommunicationsHMC
PAMCM Advertising and Marketing Communications - ManagementHMC
PANCRAnimal Care Davis
PARTFArt FundamentalsTrafalgar
PCYCDChild and Youth CareDavis and Trafalgar
PCAJSCommunity and Justice ServicesDavis
PECESDEducational Support Diploma (Full Time and Part Time)Trafalgar
PCVAD, PCVATVisual and Creative Arts (year 1)Trafalgar
PECEDEarly Childhood Education (Full Time and Part Time)Davis and Trafalgar
PINDEInterior DecoratingHMC
PMDAFMedia FundamentalsTrafalgar
PMMCAMakeup for Media and Creative ArtsTrafalgar
PPAPNPerforming Arts - PreparationTrafalgar
PPSWKPersonal Support WorkerDavis
PPHTOPharmacy TechnicianDavis
PPOLFPolice FoundationsDavis
PPNSGPractical NursingDavis
PSSWKSocial Service WorkerDavis and Trafalgar
PSSWGSocial Service Worker – GerontologyDavis and Trafalgar
PVETTVeterinary TechnicianDavis
PVMAS Visual Merchandising ArtsHMC