About myAcademics

myAcademic Requirements

Staying up to date with your academic progress and outstanding requirements will help ensure that you complete your program and graduate as quickly and as simply as possible. Your myAcademic Requirements report will capture your academic performance and progress for your program of study. [read more]

Grading Systems & Transcripts

Students will be evaluated according to the specific learning outcomes described in the course outlines which include an evaluation plan. Learn more about Sheridan's grading systems, historical grading systems and how to request official transcripts.

Academic Standing

Students enrolled in Sheridan programs are required to maintain specific grade point averages in order to continue in the program and graduate. Students who do not achieve the minimum term GPA requirements may be placed on Academic Probation or asked to withdraw from the College and/or program. [read more]

Academic Integrity Policy Reporting

Sheridan is committed to upholding the highest standards of academic integrity.  Through the Academic Integrity Policy and Academic Integrity Procedure, Sheridan faculty, staff and students are expected to be vigilant regarding their respective roles and responsibilities when breaches of academic integrity occur. [read more]