Enrolment confirmation letter

Please click here to read instructions on how to receive an enrolment confirmation letter based on your enrollment status.

If you are a regular full-time student with a schedule, you can download your enrolment verification letter from myStudent Centre immediately.

If you need a customized letter, please complete the Enrolment Confirmation Letter Request Form.


Please check your academic record (grades, academic standing and/or conferral) to ensure it is complete prior to placing your request. You will need to resubmit a new request any time a change has been made to your academic record (such as changes to grades, academic standing and/or conferral).

To order a digital transcript, please follow the instructions on the Transcripts page. Documents are processed hourly and sent to MyCreds™, an electronic portal that provides students and alumni with greater mobility in accessing and sharing official transcripts with employers or other third parties. The SHARE function on MyCreds is designed to send an official digital transcript from Sheridan College to the third party directly.

Should your academic records predate Fall 1994, or if you require a hard copy version of your transcript, kindly email academic-history@sheridancollege.ca. In certain cases, an accommodation may be made for a printed transcript with supporting documentation.

If you are requesting a Sheridan transcript for the purpose of applying to another Ontario college or university, it must be requested through the corresponding service centre:

Education Verification

If you need Sheridan to verify your academic credentials, email your request to verification@sheridancollege.ca using your Sheridan email account. Please include your Sheridan Student ID Number with your request.

Eligibility to Graduate Letter

The “Eligibility to Graduate Letter” is issued upon request to a student after the Office of the Registrar confirms that they have completed all their requirements to graduate with their credential at the next Convocation Ceremony. This letter can be used along with a copy of a current Sheridan Transcript as part of the required documentation for an application for a Post-Graduate Work Permit.

Credit Transfer Letter

Sheridan graduates who received a Credit Transfer in their program of study may be asked to provide a Credit Transfer Letter by accrediting associations, such as CPA or HRPA. To request a letter, please email pathways@sheridancollege.ca from your Sheridan email account. Be sure to include your Sheridan Student ID number, association number, and any relevant details.

RESP and form fulfillment

For RESP and form fulfillment email the Records team at your campus, using your Sheridan email account:

Davis Campus Hazel McCallion Campus Trafalgar Campus

Attendance Records Requests

Sheridan does not keep attendance records. Students can provide a transcript along with their enrolment letter to demonstrate their enrolment history at Sheridan.