Using myAcademic Requirements

Track your Academic Progress and Program Requirements

Staying up to date with your academic progress and outstanding requirements will help ensure that you complete your program and graduate as quickly and as simply as possible. Your myAcademic Requirements report will capture your academic performance and progress for your program of study.

The myAcademic Requirements report will capture:

  • Courses taken that have satisfied your program requirements
  • Courses in progress
  • Grades
  • Outstanding course required to complete your program.

If you have any issues or questions arising from your Academic Requirements Report, please consult with the Office of the Registrar.

How to Access the Report

  1. Sign into myStudent Centre.

  2. To access your MyAcademic Requirements report click the "Academic Requirements" link in the drop down menu under Academics.
    academic requirements view 1

Viewing the Report

  • The MyAcademic Requirements report will capture the courses taken that have satisfied the program requirements, courses in progress and grades.
    academic requirements view 2

  • It will also report on courses taken but not part of the program requirements.
    academic requirements view 2
  • The report will also list courses taken within the program, but, not used to meet the program requirements (i.e. failed courses, withdrawals, repeat courses).
    academic requirements view 3
  • Courses taken by the student that fulfill program requirements that extend beyond 5 years will be identified. It is important to recognize that although the courses identified here will satisfy the student’s program requirements, they may not satisfy the graduation requirements. Approval may be necessary to allow these courses to be used for graduation purposes.
    academic requirements view 4