ECE and ES field placements typically run during a 12-week period (for ECE) and over a 10-week period (for ES). Please contact the Program Coordinator, Academic Advisor or consult SLATE's Virtual Student Lounge for clarification. Additionally, there is a shortened deadline for registration or Field Placement courses for both of these programs (December 12, 2021 at 11:59 pm for ECE, and January 7, 2022 at 11:59 pm for ES).

  • ECE placements are scheduled for either Monday/Tuesday OR Thursday/Friday regardless of the delivery method.
  • ES placements: please visit SLATE's Virtual Student Lounge for details on how to complete field placements for the Winter term.

Early Childhood Education

  • FLPL 15892 – Field Practice & Seminar 1: delivered virtually
  • FLPL 20799 – Field Practice & Seminar 2: delivered in person/on site placement
  • FLPL 29207 – Field Practice & Seminar 3: delivered in person/on site placement

Note: for on-site field placements, students will be required to submit a placement form and complete the document check (please connect with the Field Placement Program Officers for details).

Educational Support

  • FLPL 20199 – Field Seminar 1 and Placement 1: delivered in a hybrid format *
  • FLPL 20102 – Intensive Orientation, Seminar and Placement 2: delivered in a hybrid format *
  • FLPL 20261 – Field Seminar 2 and Placement 2: delivered in a hybrid format *
  • FLPL 26367 – Field Seminar 3 and Placement 3: delivered in a hybrid format *

* These placements are currently offered in a hybrid format. This means that the seminar portion will be delivered on campus (may have some online work as well). Students will complete on-site placements with school boards, if available. Please note that on-site placements are subject to change and may be restricted due to individual boards’ preferences and pandemic planning. Please review Sheridan's Return to Campus plans for details about COVID-19 vaccination policies, before accessing the campus.